The following papers are available for download:

Open Identity Summit 2016

Bud P. Bruegger and Peter Lipp, LIGHTest--A Lightweight Infrastructure for Global Heterogeneous Trust Management, in Detlef Hühnlein, Heiko Roβnagel, Christian H. Schunck, Maurizio Talamo (Eds.), Proceedings, Open Identity Summit 2016, Rome, Italy, October 13-14, 2016, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), GI-Edition, Lecture Notes in Informatics, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License.

Discovery and Verification of Trust Scheme Memberships: LIGHTest Reference Architecture

Sven Wagner, Sebastian Kurowski, Uwe Laufs, Heiko Roßnagel, LIGHTest--A Mechanism for Discovery andand Verification Verification of Trust Scheme Memberships: The LIGHTest Reference Architecture,

Abstract: Electronic transactions are an integral component of private and business life. For this purpose, a certification of trustworthy electronic identities supported from authorities is often required. Within the EU-funded LIGHTest project, a global trust infrastructure based on DNS is built, where arbitrary authorities can publish their trust information. A high level description of the LIGHTest reference architecture is presented. Then, the Trust Scheme Publication Authority, which enables discovery and verification of trust scheme memberships is introduced.

Keywords: trust infrastructure, trust scheme, trust scheme verification, electronic transaction, trust management, identity management